ArcGIS Online pricing – what is a Service Credit worth?

Confused about AGOL pricing?  So was I.

I got on the phone with Esri today.   Here is is our Q&A:

ArcGIS Online for Organizations, Level 1 purchase gets “2500 Service Credits”.  But what does that mean?

Service credits are expended when ArcGIS Online functionality is deployed.  With the final release, we are providing a dashboard for the administrator, so that they may review how the service credits are being utilized.

Here are some examples:

1)      Service Credits are not used when you upload data or services to your instance of AGOL
2)      Service Credits are not consumed when using a esri basemap service in your application
3)      Service Credits are used when ‘mash’ up a shapefile, map service, table your company/agency uses in a service
4)      Service Credits are used when you create and store a feature service
5)      Service Credits are used when you create or store a tile or geospatial data service(layer, map package)
6)      Service Credits are used when you use a geoprocessing service (i.e. …batch geocodes), others to be added
7)      Service Credits are used when you do data transfer

This info would be more useful if it read “XX [Number of] service credits are used when…”

Here are examples of AGO Credit Consumption

  • Data Transfer – Data transferred out as hosted services or downloading data files
    • 6 credits / 1 GB data
  • Geocodes –
    • 12.5 geocodes / credit
    • 80 credits / 1,000 geocodes
    • 100,000 geocodes / 8000 credits
  • Tile & Data Storage – 1.2 credits per GB of storage per month, 14.4 credits/yr  per GB of data
  • Feature service –
    • 2.4 credits per 10 MB of storage per month, 28.8 credits/yr  per 10 MB
    • 2880 credits/yr  for 1GB of storage
  • Tile generation – 1 credit per 1000 tiles generated

Is there a more complete table online somewhere — to help me with service budgeting and making a decision about how much to purchase?

No.  But you might want to download the trial and give it a try. There is a dashboard that shows you how you are using your credits.


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